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You Shoot

 We Edit

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Here at Slick Videography we understand that not every property requires a professional photo shoot, but why not take your photos to the next level.  We have now created an editing software that will enhance the details, light and look of your photos taken with a standard camera or cell phone.  

Just follow the steps below:

1. Using your device, take a straight, well lit shot of the desired spaces.  If using a cell phone ensure camera is horizontal. (up to 40 photos)

2. Transfer the pictures to a laptop or desktop computer.

3. Purchase the Slick Editor Package.  Once Payment is received, a password will be sent to unlock the Slick Editor Upload App Below.

4. Simply upload your desired photos and within 24hrs you will receive the final product.

It's That Easy!

Disclaimer: Blurry, Dark and Distorted Photos Will Be Edited As Is.  

Slick Editor Will Not Remove Any Items From Photos Uploaded. 

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Be Sure to Add Your Email at Checkout!

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